My story is centred on The Book of Life. An unpublished, colourful, sometimes messy book, with the first few chapters mapped out by my parents. As a child and teen, my Dad would often read stories to me that were taken from his version of the book – peppered with some sad, some happy excerpts; the reality of life itself.

During my own darker moments, he would reassure me that I was working my way through a particular chapter in my life that most people struggle with, and stressed how there was a lot more to read. Little did I know the hardest chapter was on the horizon.

As I navigated life, I read and experienced the study chapter (rather short), the partying in London and Ibiza chapter (extended on multiple occasions), the heartbreak chapter, and the serious dating/engagement/marriage chapter, which I cantered through in two years.


We all have our own book, our own chapters.


Fast-forward to the parenting chapter and it was worryingly filled with blank pages. I tried scribbling notes as I went along, but as no one solution works, or it changes as the child grows, these notes were never set in stone, or rather, pen. (Or, perhaps, more realistically, crayon.)

I sought advice from professionals – some who helped and some who confused me. I found that as a parent seeking to fill the overwhelming blank space, I lacked consistent advice or answers to my millions of questions.

From breastfeeding to choosing a nursery and everything inbetween, I felt torn between doing it my way or someone else’s way - despite my son having other ideas. If I could offer my pre-child self any advice, it would be to trust your gut, as it really doesn’t let you down.

So here I am, working out the ups and downs of growing and raising a human.

And I've created a place to gather and share the good, the bad and the ugly side of parenting through six support courses and an open, honest community that welcomes boob feeders and bottle feeders alike.


Welcome to the Parenting Chapter. This is your story – we’re simply here to help turn the pages.