My Parenting Story: Lauren, Mama to Flynn, age 1

Over the next few months, The Parenting Chapter will be running a campaign titled #myparentingstory which will feature poignant parenting stories as told by Mums and Dads. The stories will focus on the highs and lows of parenting and be memorable for a variety of reasons. Our aim is to encourage a more honest and community-led approach to parenting, and hope this campaign will help parents who maybe going through, or have gone through a similar situation.


My Parenting Story: Lauren, Mama-in-Chief - The Parenting Chapter

While pregnant, I publicly rejected the idea of co-sleeping in case my dead-weight arm fell on my son during the night, or, I created a bad sleep association. This was taken 1-month after my son was born and he wouldn't settle, so in the bed he came and he, of course, slept like a dream. We still co-sleep now, if Flynn is sick or upset, and it works. My 'first-time parent face' says it all - shocked about how exhausting parenting was and worried about what the following day would bring. At this point, I cried a lot over breastfeeding as it didn't feel 'right', and longed for someone to tell me I was doing a good job. 1-month later the penny-drop moment took place, and I realised there was no such thing as perfect when it came to parenting and in the end, whatever works, works. 1 year later and my son is still here, so I reckon that's a job well done!


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