My Parenting Story: Andrew, Dad to Flynn, age 1

Over the next few months, The Parenting Chapter will be running a campaign titled #myparentingstory which will feature poignant parenting stories as told by Mums and Dads. The stories will focus on the highs and lows of parenting and be memorable for a variety of reasons. Our aim is to encourage a more honest and community-led approach to parenting, and hope this campaign will help parents who maybe going through, or have gone through a similar situation.

My Parenting Story: Andrew, Sales Manager

I didn't think I would have kids. I wanted them, but as I approached my mid-late thirties and I still hadn't met the 'one', I put the idea to the back of my mind. This photograph captures everything good, but also frightening, about being a dad. 1. Being able to wrap your baby/child up in cotton wool and keep them away from harm. One day this won't be the case, and just the thought alone petrifies me and 2. The love you have for your child really is unconditional and won't ever be impacted. It's overwhelming, exhilarating and you constantly think to yourself you can't love them anymore, and then they clap or smile at you, usually whilst doing a poo, and your heart skips a beat 😍

If you would like to submit your parenting story, please do email us at with a short summary of your story and a colour photograph that is ideally at least 1MB in size.