10 minutes with.....Anna Whitehouse aka Mother Pukka

This week, our Mama-in-Chief Lauren has been chatting to Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka and asked her 10 parenting-focused questions in 10 minutes. It was in fact only 5 minutes, as parents never have 10 minutes to spare, but 10 in 10 sounds so much better so we went with that ;-)

A little bit about Anna: determined, intelligent and very funny, and we're not sure she even knows it, which makes her a good egg in our books.  Anna is the driving force behind the UK-wide Flex appeal campaign and travels the country spreading the message to employers and employees, that parents should be given the option of a flexible working pattern and treated fairly in the process. Anna is wife to Matt aka Papa Pukka, Mum to Mae and has another little pukka on the way. Check out Anna on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.


Parenting is... like being hit over the head relentlessly with a sock puppet and then getting a spontaneous shin cuddle that makes everything ok.

Go-to website for those 3am feeding moments? Selfish Mother for sure. And Celeste Barber on Instagram. Nothing to do with parenting, but sometimes a bit of celebrity parody is what the midwife ordered.

Best advice your own parents gave you? Never look up to people and never look down on people. Treat the queen as you would the bin man. Oh and however close you are with someone, don't call them your 'best friend' - it isolates others.

Anna with Mae and little pukka

Anna with Mae and little pukka

You have 15 minutes of alone time...what would you do? Watch Homes Under The Hammer. Obsessed.

Best bribery tip for a baby/toddler meltdown? When it comes to annoying noisy toys, I just say that they don't sell those batteries anymore so she has to make the toy last. Subtext: go easy on mama's lugholes.

How many times did you threaten to cancel Christmas last year? 26 times I reckon. One for every day leading up to Christmas.

Parenting high? Being told by Mae I had 'done really well' in keeping this 'baby in my tummy' after we'd had a few false starts.

Parenting low? Eating discarded fish finger off the floor. Occasional activity that has become more normal.

Dinner date or play date? Dinner. Always dinner.

Big parental shout out to: Clemmie Telford (@clemmietelford) who is honestly one of the funniest and most honest mamas about.


A huge thank you to Anna for taking the time to chat with us this week, and we're now praying that we never receive an invitation to dinner at hers, for fear of fish fingers à l'fluff being served! Only joking Anna, we love you really.