10 minutes with.....Kerrie Kent

This week, our Mama-in-Chief Lauren has been chatting to Kerrie Kent - the clever so-and-so behind the Parenting Chapter's stunning branding. She is also a very new Mama to Walt, who is now 15 weeks old. We asked her 10 parenting-focused questions in 10 minutes.

First, a little bit about Kerrie. Kerrie is hugely talented, driven and kind. Kerrie owns Kerrie Kent and is a Creative Consultant for small businesses. Kerrie also owns the luxury bridal accessory brand; Rusty Mayfair

Here are Kerrie's answers to the 10 questions.

Parenting is...like falling in love while walking up a mountain, in a thunder storm!

Go-to website for those 3am feeding moments? I'm all over Instagram at the moment. I'll find myself searching things like #sleepdeprived #nosleep #howcanigetsleep and #tomhardy obviously. I've found inspiration from lots of other mamas and it’s great for little tips. My fave accounts at the moment are @foxfairytwins and @mother_of_daughters

Best advice your own parents gave you? It’s a bit like The Parenting Chapter’s mantra - whatever works, works. My mum was a nursery nurse for years, so she’s got lots of advice and is an instant baby soother. She’s helped me out a lot in the past few weeks - I would have been lost without her.

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You have 15 minutes of alone time...what would you do? Have a hot bath full of epsom salts! My baby will only sleep on me in a sling so my back is suffering. If I had a spare hour, I’d be off for a massage!

Best bribery tip for a baby/toddler meltdown? Milk. Always milk.

What’s the most shameful thing in your nappy bag? A red Chanel lipstick. It’s rare at the moment, but when I wear it I feel I can instantly take on the world (although it’s not a good look when it ends up smeared across mine and the baby’s face!).

Parenting high? Has to be his arrival in to the world; no words can describe it.

Parenting low? Breastfeeding in the back of a van in a service station off the M4.

Dinner date or play date? Dinner date. Preferably in an establishment that serves a good G&T.

What’s been your biggest parenting challenge to-date? Just being pregnant was a nerve wracking time for my family and I, as I was born with congenital heart disease and was initially told that my body wouldn’t be able to handle a pregnancy. After having open heart surgery in 2015, I was given the go ahead and here we are 2 years later and I’m now a Mum! By far, my biggest accomplishment to date.

Big parental shout out to: My mum, she'll always be my biggest mentor, friend and babysitter!