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Events or articles that cover the topic of parenting are generally only open to expectant parents or new parents. But what if you want to understand the real-side to parenting before you even start trying for a baby? And plan, not for the baby, but for yourself and the impact parenting will likely have on your life as a person and/or couple?


Check out our FREE online courses below and broken into five areas. Like what you see and hear? Contact us afterwards for your one-time 20% off code across all of our packages and courses and when you're ready redeem it.

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This COURSE lookS at:


vicky warr

The Parenting Chapter's Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness and Nutrition Professional

  • How you can prepare physically – Not a fan of exercise and not getting the recommended quota of sleep each night? Find out how regular exercise and going to bed just 30 minutes earlier can help you to have a quicker labour and be in a much better position to be able to deal with post-birth recovery and exhaustion.




Julianne boutaleb

The Parenting Chapter's Consultant Perinatal Psychologist

  • How you can prepare mentally – Being a parent pushes you to your limit and underlying issues such as lack of confidence, self-esteem and OCD can surface during pregnancy and in the first year after having a baby. Find out how you can start to tackle these issues or know how to spot them in pregnancy and post-baby, without having to visit a counsellor. 




The Parenting Chapter's Miscarriage Advisor

  • Miscarriage: An area of pregnancy that society doesn't like to openly discuss, but sadly, it is estimated that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Who can you talk to if it does happen? How do you move forward as a couple after a miscarriage and manage common emotions such as sadness, guilt and anxiety surrounding future pregnancies?




The Parenting Chapter's Parent Money Guru

  • How can you prepare financially – How can you make savings right now? How much do you need to budget for when it comes to the initial spend on baby paraphernalia, but also ongoing spend for baby clothes, baby classes, toys and more? Also, what financial steps should you be taking now to safeguard your future, such as: life insurance, a will and health insurance for the family. 




The Parenting Chapter's Maternity & Paternity Coach

  • Maternity/Paternity Rights and How can you adapt your career to better suit parenthood – Find out about current maternity and paternity rights in the UK and how parents, in particular Mum, can start to safeguard their career now or perhaps reconfigure their career to better suit parenting and enable both parties to make a seamless return to the workplace and earning. 


This online course will suit any type of individual or couple (heterosexual and same sex) and each area is presented by one of our Parenting Professionals. The Miscarriage area also features one of our Parent Ambassador couples - Al and Jen.


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