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  • It always amazes me that in modern society, parents are met with so much judgement when it comes to their parenting choices. Parents are then choosing to suffer in silence and only seek help when they reach crisis point; suffering physically and mentally in the process. Postnatally, there isn’t a brand or place which parents automatically know to turn/go to for real-life and honest advice, solutions and support surrounding parent- and child-related hurdles and one that allows you to access all of this both online and face-to-face. The Parenting Chapter is filling this very big gap and providing a really authentic and honest means of helping parents; irrespective of their parenting style. We’re really excited to team up with them to support dads to a greater extent and help change the face of modern parenting.
    — Al Ferguson, Founder of The Dad Network
  • Just wish The Parenting Chapter had been around when I had Mae; the postnatal experience could’ve been a lot less painful – especially those first few weeks when I struggled with feeling like a fish out of water. The idea of preparing for the postnatal experience is a no brainer, and what really appeals about the courses is that they also focus on postnatal parent-centric issues such as: mental illness, post-baby style, how to exercise and eat well and returning to work and simply working things out.
    — Anna Whitehouse, MotherPukka
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