Vicky Warr


Vicky is a pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert with nutritional experience, who has personally coached thousands of pregnant women, new mothers and mothers of older children both locally and ‘virtually’ around the world. She is the founder of TheBeezKneez - a provider of 1-2-1 personal training, classes and online workout programmes, all of which has enabled mothers across the globe to benefit from TheBeezKneez method.

Vicky is also a fitness expert for Gurgle Magazine - the UK's leading baby magazine. Vicky is mum to Luca and Poppy - both of whom presented two very large bumps and ended up being very large babies!

Vicky’s qualifications allow her to professionally advise mothers on common postnatal physical issues such as split tummy muscles, pelvic floor issues and joint discomfort.

Her qualifications include:

  • Advanced Level 3 Personal Trainer with prenatal and postnatal exercise prescription
  • Drummond Education (Fit Pro) Advanced Pre and Postnatal Fitness Programme Design
  • Burrell Education Modern Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Prescription.
  • Certified Primal Flow™ instructor
  • Certified Kettlebell™ instructor