Tina Perridge


Becoming a midwife at the age of 40 was like beginning a new life for Tina. For the pregnancy and birth of her fourth child, she had been looked after by an independent midwife and the experience was life changing. 17 years later she has embraced the life of a midwife and co-founded Neighbourhood Midwives - a private, independent midwifery service offering personalised care packages for women throughout their pregnancy, birth and beyond across the UK. Tina has worked in the NHS and privately.

For Tina, it is all about the women, ensuring that each one feels supported and nurtured, so they can relax and enjoy their pregnancy, safe in the knowledge that their midwife will be with them every step of the way.

As part of the Central Support Team, Tina is also responsible for company culture and finance but most of all, for making sure that the women they care for, and the midwives in the team, have the best possible experience.

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