Rachel Kerrone


Rachel Kerrone has a financial career spanning 16 years and has worked for a broad range of City firms. She has three young boys – twins aged four and a two year old, so knows just how expensive having children can be, She is hugely passionate about saving money, as well as managing her family’s finances for the present and the future.

Rachel set up Parent Money, which is aimed at today’s parents – who want to save money, plan for their family’s future and have some money left over for the fun stuff! They take out the jargon, and help parents feel more in control of their finances without being oversold to. Their articles and interviews cover the things they believe all parents should know about, and their forum is designed for parents to ask questions and share advice.

Rachel's vision is to reach parents before they become parents and get them into the habit of making small savings where they can, which adds up very quickly. This can help ease the situation post-baby, when one parent is on leave and thus, income is reduced.

Rachel is part of the Cityparents committee, the ParentTech network and other women’s networks, as well as a keen supporter of entrepreneurial start-ups, offering advice and coaching particularly to parents.