Lizzie King


Lizzie King is a mother to 3 children and a Nutritional Health Coach, author, a graduate of Leith’s School of Cookery and founder of Lizzie Loves Healthy.

Coming from a big family even bigger on food, she’s been surrounded by delicious cooking and food all her life. She is known for making deliciously easy recipes, super healthy food for babies, children and families. All food is gluten and sugar free with dairy alternatives.

Lizzie has not only weaned three very different children, but also runs cooking evenings for parents, sugar workshops for children, nutrition and cooking days for nannies and au pairs and pantry revamps for parents who want their kitchen cupboards revitalised and ready for healthy, wholesome cooking. So she knows quite a bit about the food journey that parents start on when weaning their baby through to managing a 'selective' toddler, through to getting the good stuff into an older child without pinpointing it as being any different to other food.

Lizzie is all about having fun with weaning and making every mouthful count. She believes it is a huge privilege to introduce food to another human and so, we should enjoy the process, rather than being caught up in what choices other parents may be making. Lizzie is also very realistic and understands that giving your child home-cooked food all the time isn't always possible.

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