Kevin Morhen


Kevin is the founder of The Gentlemen's Dads Club and father to two children. The Gentlemen's Dads Club works with fathers and provides them with real-life practical support during their partner's pregnancy, the birth and the parenting journey that takes place thereafter. 

During the first few months after his second child was born, Kevin found it hard to get the work life and family life balance right. He found it tough not having dedicated time alone with his partner, tried to juggle working hours and spend quality time with his children, but as many fathers find out, this felt impossible.

Kevin started to feel low about the situation and experienced feelings of guilt and helplessness, but didn't confide in anyone. In the UK, the emphasis is placed on the mother when it comes to postnatal illness, but there is nowhere for fathers to go should they feel the same. In fact, there is even more of a stigma attached to the idea of fathers needing and asking for help. Kevin eventually found himself in a position where he had no choice but to seek help and was diagnosed with postnatal depression - something that society doesn't associate men with.

After his experience, Kevin realised there is no manual when it comes to raising a family and although it’s important to spend time with your new arrival, spending time with your partner and keeping up any hobbies is just as important. He then decided to become a coach, working solely with fathers to guide them through the parenting experience. What he doesn't provide is a therapy session, but rather, a guiding influence for fathers - covering work, family life, bonding with your baby and children, re-establishing connections with a partner and much more.

Kevin is a qualified NLP Coach and has a number of years experience working across many different industries from Recruitment to Construction.

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