Helen Canning-Ford


The lovely and very approachable Helen, has a background in fashion and has spent the last 12 years studying and experiencing it; working on the fashion pages of national magazines, styling lookbooks, press events and real life features, as well as working with style guru Nicky Hambleton-Jones during and after her pregnancy. Helen trained as a Personal Stylist at the NHJ Style Academy

The best thing about Helen is that she doesn't profess to being the most on-trend mum on the block, nor the coolest. But having gone through pregnancy, birth and beyond, her style has been challenged. She found that dressing a bump was new and exciting, but it took her a while to realise that her body and lifestyle wouldn't be snapping back to the pre-children days once she gave birth. This took a while for Helen to get used to and she realised that some months after her daughter was born, that she'd slipped into a style rut and fell back on the same few pieces in her wardrobe day in, day out. She felt like this wasn’t her and kept telling herself: ‘I’ve just had a baby’, but this started to wear a bit thin and she missed the old Helen.

So she started to look around for inspiration, from magazines, other mums and took just an extra few minutes to think about what to wear and it made her feel like the old Helen once again. From high street to designer, celebrity to real people and print to TV, Helen has given it all a whirl. But since becoming pregnant and now as a mum, she realised there just isn’t enough out there with us Mums in mind.

We don’t have the time to scour fashion magazines for the latest trends and we’re more likely to treat our little ones to a new outfit than ourselves, let alone find something practical enough for the everyday life of a mum, not to mention suit our new bodies as well.

So at coco mama style, Helen brings together her professional styling knowledge and personal experiences of pregnancy and motherhood to inspire other mums and prove that you don’t need to say goodbye to style the minute that little plastic stick says ‘pregnant’.

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