Geraldine Miskin


Geraldine is a baby feeding professional with a specialism in breastfeeding. Her mantra – ‘fed is best’, combined with her unbiased and non-judgmental approach, stands her out as a leading and realistic expert in this field. Geraldine has been running her private practice for over 13 years’, working with parents to establish the best feeding routine for mother and baby. She has a unique approach to breastfeeding, which focuses primarily on the practical elements relating to the mother. She enables mothers to find breastfeeding solutions, according to their unique anatomy, physiology, lifestyle choices and the birth.

Geraldine trained alongside a Board-certified Lactation Consultant and has also studied paediatric nutrition. Whilst studying, Geraldine worked as a nanny and she was horrified at just how many mothers tried so hard to breastfeed, but if it didn’t work, they were left feeling like they should have tried harder or done better somehow.  Geraldine dug deeper into the support system around these women, and she realised that mothers were being given the same advice regardless of the clear as day differences between them. The supposed ‘defining factor’ which led to breastfeeding success, was a mum’s ‘commitment or perseverance’ with breastfeeding. Geraldine has found the ‘one size fits all’ approach to breastfeeding flawed and believes that all mums should get advice based on their unique circumstances, births, bodies and babies. If breastfeeding doesn’t work for the mother or the baby, there are options such as combination or bottle feeding and if this is the right thing for the mother, it’s the right thing to do. A healthy happy baby = a happy parent and this is the most important thing to ensure your parenting experience in the early days isn’t stressful.

Geraldine is author of ‘Breastfeeding Made Easy’ which details the Miskin Method and is free of stigma and judgement.


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