Diane Titterton


Diane is a founding partner of Dry Like Me and the other half of our Toilet Training duo! Along with Judith, she works with hundreds of parents both online and face-to-face to teach and aid them with toilet training.

Jude and Di as they are known in the market, run a hugely popular online 'Potty Training Live' programme throughout the year and provide bucketloads of support as parents go through the training process and experience blips along the way.

The Dry Like Me pad, which both Diane and Judith developed, was inspired by helping children to learn about their bodily cues, which signal it is time to go to the toilet. This was so that when they do have those little accidents, they start to understand and react to what is happening. Both were both going through their own difficulties with toilet training their children and unable to find a solution that suited their needs and so, they began developing their own ideas and this resulted in the pad being developed.

Working closely with the child continence charity ERIC (who went on to endorse Dry Like Me) and responding to feedback from other mums, Jude and Di conducted research, developed working solutions, set up trials and continually developed as they went; refining and improving, until they were ready to patent their solution… Dry Like Me.

Now the fruits of their hard work are available in leading supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrisons and Wilkinson, and online via Amazon and Ocado.