Livvy Gormally

Livvy is founder of Let’s Ask Livvy and has over twenty years’ experience as a children’s behaviour expert. She is also a mum of three. Livvy set up Let’s Ask Livvy to help parents with their every day parenting challenges - from tantrums and fussy eating, to anger management and separation anxiety and much more.  Livvy offers tailored advice that will complement any style of parenting and she provides parents with practical, effective and judgement-free strategies and support.

Livvy’s background is in psychology and she used to head up CARD UK - a centre for autism, which specialised in the design and implementation of early intervention programmes, which have helped hundreds of parents to cope with challenging behaviours and parent more effectively.  Livvy has worked in numerous schools and for various education authorities, advising on their behaviour programmes with the aim of helping all pupils reach their full potential.