Anastasia Baker

Anastasia is the founder of Night Nannies, which she set up eighteen years ago. Night Nannies provides night nannies, sleep trainers and maternity nurses to parents based in London and the South East and South West of England. Anastasia’s team comprises qualified nannies, paediatric nurses, midwives, maternity nurses and health visitors - a number of whom are sleep trainers with extensive experience.

Anastasia previously worked at the BBC for eight years and as a television presenter on BBC News 24 and a reporter on the current affairs programme “Here and Now”. Anastasia carried on working for the BBC when her first child was born, but found she struggled to hold down a demanding job and cope with the inconsistent sleep patterns her daughter Amelia displayed in her first year. It was after the birth of her second child - Alexander, that she identified a need for affordable and highly skilled night-time support for parents in the form of night nannies, sleep trainers and maternity nurses.

Night Nannies’ sleep training method is NOT to abandon your baby to cry but instead implement consistent methods in a calm manner so that your baby understands what is expected.