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Just because you’ve done it once, doesn’t mean a) you know everything about everything or b) you can remember what you did anyway! Sleep is a memory thief and as a first timer thinking about trying for a second baby, you’ll probably be worrying that you can’t remember how to cope. Not how to do things, but coping is another thing altogether. Whether it’s week 1, month 3 or year 2. Chuck a toddler or older child or children into the mix and it all changes. Or does it?


We also know that second time parents don’t really have that dedicated place like first timers have. People assume you know it all. But what if you had a crappy time with your first and you want to try something again, or avoid it altogether? And the other scary thing – we know how unpredictable babies can be. Your first might have been born vaginally first time, but you could go through an induction or C-Section the second-time round. Or you might have breastfed your first and decide you want to combination feed your second.


We didn’t want to sell our first timer courses to you and you sit there feeling like you’re watching something that feels like it’s teaching Grandma to suck eggs, so we’ve done two things for our second (or third or fourth) timers:


  1. Our Chapter Four Course which is aimed at people trying for a second baby or newly pregnant. Click here to view
  2. Our Second Time Refresher Course which takes a selection from across all four of our courses. The stuff that could go differently, or you could be apprehensive about. You also receive the same benefits as our other subscribers. See course detail below.
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