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PART I - Delivered by Lizzie King


  • The signs that you can start weaning and dispelling or confirming any weaning myths
  • Types of weaning - Baby-Led Weaning, Purees or doing a bit of both are all explained and treated equally
  • The pattern of milk feeds and meals - from 6 months to 1 year
  • Sleep and weaning and the impact solids could have
  • Recommended books, websites and apps for weaning


PART II - Delivered by Lizzie King and Professor Mike Thomson


  • Weaning concerns - gag reflex and foods that present choking hazards
  • Allergies - how to identify them and establish what is causing the issue
  • Fussy feeders –  especially around texture progression and fluid refusal   
  • Vitamins from food and milk vs. giving supplements -  an idea of what your baby needs and where he/she can get it from food-wise
  • Ways of saving time when weaning that are still ok from a nutritional standpoint
  • Weaning premature babies and those diagnosed with reflux and allergies early on
  • Equipment and weaning when travelling
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