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For Mums and Dads
  • Focusing on late pregnancy through to the days after you've given birth

    • the birth plan: necessary or not? how to deal with any differences with your birth plan vs. the reality 

    • last minute anxieties about the pregnancy

    • how to deal with going over your due date and being aware of last minute tests such as: Group B strep, including how to get tested for it privately and the necessary steps thereafter during labour

    • Inductions & Sweeps: knowing what happens and your choices should you not want one

    • Being assertive in the labour or theatre room to ensure you feel as in control as you can feel

    • C-Sections: whether elective or emergency, be proud! Why you might be having one, how to prepare and essential care after one

    • Second-time parents: will your labour be similar to the first? or totally different

    • Baby-related issues: potential issues that might impact baby when they're born. From meconium to failing hearing tests to infections

    • Traumatic births: why you might feel traumatised and what's normal/not so normal in terms of your feelings

    • Down below: stitches and swelling after labour. Knowing about the different degrees of tears and how to treat any trauma

    • Premature & unwell babies who go into a Neonatal Unit: what you need to know, coping and ways of bonding with your baby

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For Mums and Dads
  • Understanding postnatal depression, birth trauma, new parent anxiety and bonding issues or resentment towards the baby
  • Traumatic births: how to understand what happened, how you might be feeling and where to seek help - for men and women
  • Knowing what's to be expected in the early days and the signs that can be displayed by either parent when help is needed and where to go
  • Looking at how men and women cope and the importance of a parenting constellation and finding your tribe
  • Normalising the fact that not everyone falls in love with their baby instantly and how parenting might not be what you imagined

  • Lots of coping mechanisms derived from CBT therapy techniques

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For Dads
  • Before labour: exploring how you might be feeling and establishing communication lines with your partner now
  • During labour: what not to do and say and how to feel in control
  • Post-labour: if your partner is rushed off to theatre and you're passed your baby, what to do when it comes to feeding and bonding
  • Day 1: the drive home and when the milk comes in
  • How to cope with feeling like a spare part and how to get more involved
  • Bonding with baby and feeling confident about how YOU care for your child
  • The return to work: how you might be feeling, how to keep the bonding process going whilst you're at work and what not to do when it comes to promises you make to your partner
  • Juggling work and home expectations
  • Changing your work/life balance after baby is born (without upsetting the boss)

  • Shared parental leave - what are Dads entitled to

  • Dads can suffer with postnatal depression too - what happens if you struggle with parenthood and why keeping quiet isn't the best approach

  • Coping when your partner goes through a mental health struggle

  • Reaching out to the Dad network beyond your circle of friends

  • Stay at home dads: what this looks like in reality

  • Going from 1 to 2 kids: what does this really look like and essential tips to ensure you feel in control (sort of)

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For Mums and Dads
  • The guilt-free guide to feeding your baby: breast, formula or combination. Our approach is 'fed is best' 
  • The first feed and days thereafter - understanding intake vs. poo colour
  • Feeding schedules 
  • How to get the latch right 
  • Breastfeeding after surgery
  • How to bottle feed your baby
  • Pumping and freezing breastmilk
  • How to phase out breastfeeding if it doesn't work for you
  • Problem solving with breastfeeding and feeding in general including: latch issues, understanding reflux and tongue-tie in babies and understanding issues relating to the mother such as: mastitis, blocked ducts, thrush and engorgement in the breasts


  • Sleep: 
    • How much - naps vs. night time sleep
    • SIDS Guidelines
    • Co-Sleeping
    • Teaching the difference between day and night
    • To follow a routine or not
    • What to do when your baby wants to party all night
    • Answering the common questions that parents have at this stage


  • Illness & First Aid:
    • What you need know for this stage and age
    • We cover immunisations, to bangs to the head, to vomiting & diarrhoea, to croup and much more
    • We explain what each illness and first aid moment entails and how to treat it
    • Best of all, the content is delivered by a highly experienced Paediatric Nurse - the person you would end up seeing at Accident & Emergency
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For Mums

How to feel like 'you' again after having a baby, including:


  • What to wear after having a baby and how to gradually phase out maternity wear
  • Where to shop for stylish, savvy and reasonably priced clothing that will look good all day (even with sick on it!)
  • What to wear if breastfeeding
  • How not to wear black all of the time and how to accessorise your existing wardrobe



  • Gradual exercise that won't compromise your postnatal body
  • A 12 week exercise programme you can follow through this course week-by-week
  • Being aware of common postnatal body issues that maybe impacted by exercise, such as split tummy muscles, pelvic floor issues, posture, relaxin in your body and your breathing
  • Healthy eating: what to eat to satisfy the postnatal munchies and food that will give you energy and is nutrititious
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