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  • Focusing on late pregnancy through to the days after you've given birth

    • the birth plan: necessary or not? how to deal with any differences with your birth plan vs. the reality 

    • last minute anxieties about the pregnancy

    • how to deal with going over your due date and being aware of last minute tests such as: Group B strep, including how to get tested for it privately and the necessary steps thereafter during labour

    • Inductions & Sweeps: knowing what happens and your choices should you not want one

    • Being assertive in the labour or theatre room to ensure you feel as in control as you can feel

    • C-Sections: whether elective or emergency, be proud! Why you might be having one, how to prepare and essential care after one

    • Second-time parents: will your labour be similar to the first? or totally different

    • Baby-related issues: potential issues that might impact baby when they're born. From meconium to failing hearing tests to infections

    • Traumatic births: why you might feel traumatised and what's normal/not so normal in terms of your feelings

    • Down below: stitches and swelling after labour. Knowing about the different degrees of tears and how to treat any trauma

    • Premature & unwell babies who go into a Neonatal Unit: what you need to know, coping and ways of bonding with your baby

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