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We want parents to have stronger and more open communities around them and this includes you, the grandparents, wherever you are in the world. We want to equip you to be able to help your child (in law) with advice that is based on what they're told by parenting and medical professionals.

As part of the Grandparents-to-be course, we will give you access to our online courses for two of the most confusing, stressful and worrying areas that parents of today face: the possibility of mental health issues arising and knowing what to look out for, and basic first aid including common illnesses, immunisations and bumps & bangs.


These films cover:


  • Illness & Basic First Aid
    • We cover a huge range of illnesses and medical issues - from immunisations, to bangs to the head, to vomiting & diarrhoea, to croup and much more
    • We explain what each illness and first aid moment entails and how to treat it - mixing traditional and current methods
    • Best of all, the content is delivered by a highly experienced Paediatric Nurse - the person you would end up seeing at Accident & Emergency (touch wood you don't need to meet her in person as lovely as she is!)



  • Postnatal Mental Health in men and women
    • Understanding postnatal depression, birth trauma, new parent anxiety and bonding issues or resentment towards the baby
    • Traumatic births: how to understand what happened, how you might be feeling and where to seek help - for men and women
    • Knowing what's to be expected in the early days and the signs that can be displayed by either parent when help is needed and where to go
    • Looking at how men and women cope and the importance of establishing a parenting constellation and finding your tribe
    • Normalising the fact that not everyone falls in love with their baby instantly and how parenting might not be what you imagined it to be

    • Lots of coping mechanisms derived from CBT therapy techniques

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For grandparents
  • Exploring how each of the following styles of parenting differ compared to 30 years ago (this is all in Lucia's opinion and not fact!)
  • Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding
  • Sleep
  • Discipline
  • Screen Time
  • Weaning 
  • The role of Dads and how it can be whatever they want it to be
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For Grandparents


  • Communication and ways to establish different methods during your child (/in law)'s pregnancy so you don't feel like an intruder when baby arrives
  • Ways to communicate and bond with your child if you live in a different country
  • Ways to be present in the moment
  • Understanding mental health and getting rid of any generational stigma. Also, how to spot the signs and be the first person to identify that your daughter/son maybe struggling and aid them with getting help
  • Working out the type of support you will provide to the new parents and without overpromising
  • Bonding with your grandchild. This includes: common concerns, separation anxiety (on your and the child's part!) and fun ideas on how to bond with your grandchild
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For Grandparents
  • The process of reflection: looking at how you parented your children/step-children and exploring any feelings of regret
  • The process of reflection: looking back to how your parents and grandparents did things and how not to let this determine the kind of grandparent you will be (if negative)
  • Pinpointing the best bits of you as a parent and using these to shape your grandparent style
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