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For Mums and Dads


PART I - Delivered by Lizzie King


  • The signs that you can start weaning and dispelling or confirming any weaning myths
  • Types of weaning - Baby-Led Weaning, Purees or doing a bit of both are all explained and treated equally
  • The pattern of milk feeds and meals - from 6 months to 1 year
  • Sleep and weaning and the impact solids could have
  • Recommended books, websites and apps for weaning


PART II - Delivered by Lizzie King and Professor Mike Thomson


  • Weaning concerns - gag reflex and foods that present choking hazards
  • Allergies - how to identify them and establish what is causing the issue
  • Fussy feeders –  especially around texture progression and fluid refusal   
  • Vitamins from food and milk vs. giving supplements -  an idea of what your baby needs and where he/she can get it from food-wise
  • Ways of saving time when weaning that are still ok from a nutritional standpoint
  • Weaning premature babies and those diagnosed with reflux and allergies early on
  • Equipment and weaning when travelling
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For Mums and Dads
  • Why it's never too early to think about your childcare options, including: grandparents, nannies, au pairs, child-minders and nurseries. Covering everything you need to know about each option, including:
    • defining the option and exploring the pros and cons. This is presented in an easy-to-follow diagram that you can print off and use when interviewing/viewing childcare options
    • the timeline - when to make a decision about each option
    • the questions to ask each option
    • making childcare work financially
    • making it work for your family - juggling work, illness when in childcare and juggling other children who maybe at school/elsewhere
    • how you might feel about your baby/toddler/child going into childcare and talking openly about how to deal with this
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For Mums and Dads
  • Understanding development and how to support your child with their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. In particular, this course covers:
    • Tummy time, sitting up and rolling over: how to help baby and equipment to support them
    • Crawling: how to help baby and equipment to support them
    • Social development: how to aid your child with their social skills and emotions
    • Bonding: how to really cement a bond with your baby and in different ways
    • Feeling confident about your child's development and balancing research with play when it comes to the advice and reassurance given
    • What to do if you have concerns with development and how to approach this
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For Mums and Dads
  • Illness & First Aid:
    • What you need know for this stage and age
    • We cover immunisations, to bangs to the head, to vomiting & diarrhoea, to croup and much more
    • We explain what each illness and first aid moment entails and how to treat it
    • Best of all, the content is delivered by a highly experienced Paediatric Nurse - the person you would end up seeing at Accident & Emergency
  • Sleep:
    • what can be expected at this age and stage
    • SIDS Guidelines
    • how much sleep - naps vs. night time sleep
    • cementing a routine and how to tackle things when sleep isn't improving 
    • how to deal with the day after a heavy night of broken sleep
    • the 4-month sleep regression - myth or fact?
    • moving away from sleep associations or habits
    • the dream feed
    • dummies - help or hindrance?
    • the impact of development milestones on sleep such as rolling and crawling
    • getting ready to move baby into their nursery
    • illness and sleep
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