Posts in Chapter Three
For Mums and Dads
  • Illness & First Aid:
    • What you need know for this stage and age
    • We cover so much and from immunisations, to bangs to the head, to vomiting & diarrhoea, to croup and much more
    • We explain what each illness and first aid moment entails and how to treat it
    • Best of all, the content is delivered by a highly experienced Paediatric Nurse - the person you would end up seeing at Accident & Emergency
  • Sleep:
    • what to expect at this age and stage
    • how much sleep - naps vs. night-time sleep
    • the 8-12-month regression - myth or real?
    • the impact of solids on sleep
    • the impact of development milestones on sleep such as walking and talking
    • naps and the impact, or not, on night-time sleep
    • what does a sleep professional do/not do (and why you can still do it your way and at a pace that works for you!)
    • travelling/a change in time and the impact on sleep
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For Mums and Dads
  • Understanding development and how to support your child with their physical, social & emotional and cognitive development.  In particular, this course covers:
    • Walking: how to aid baby and equipment to support them
    • Talking: how to encourage baby, what's expected and not expected and when, and equipment to aid your child
    • Social development: how to aid your child with their social skills and emotions
    • Bonding: how to really cement a bond with your growing baby and in different ways (especially when you go back to work)
    • Feeling confident about your child's development and balancing research with play when it comes to the advice and reassurance given
    • What to do if you have concerns with development and how to approach this
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For Mums


  • 8-week exercise programme for this postnatal stage that will work for both parents and generate results
  • exploring and deciding on your exercise needs and setting healthy and realistic goals
  • advice on postnatal body issues that may still be prevalent at this stage, including: split tummy muscles, pelvic floor, loose joints and your breathing
  • eating healthy and how to be sensible with your approach
  • how to return to running
  • joining a gym
  • choosing a personal trainer


  • how to manage general parent anxiety and the dreaded mum guilt
  • how to build confidence in your ability as a Mum, Partner and Friend
  • what if you feel low, exhausted, depressed or lonely at this stage - what does this mean and not mean and where can you go to seek help
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For Mums

  • The steps to take when you decide to go back to work - for employed and self-employed parents
  • The practical elements of returning to work 
  • Emotional attachments to both family and work
  • Psychological changes that may impact how you view your career as a parent
  • Building confidence about returning to your job
  • Keep in touch (KIT) days and what to do when you attend one
  • Juggling the work-life balance
  • Changing your career altogether
  • Flex working: continue with your job/company but make it work for both parents. How to approach it with conviction and get the result you want
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