For Mums and Dads

  • Nursery and pre-school: choosing the right setting for your child
  • Understanding the differences between state and public schools and dispelling any myths
  • Understanding entrance exams, catchment areas and how to improve your child’s chances of getting into a school
  • Pertinent questions to ask nursery and pre-school settings
  • Preparing your child for pre-school -  supporting learning at home
  • Keeping your child on the "right" track (for you) - managing parental pressures 

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For Mums and Dads




  • Trying for another baby after experiencing trauma with past pregnancies, or wanting to prepare in case trauma is experienced. Trauma, for the purpose of this session, is defined as fertility issues, miscarriage, traumatic birth and postnatal mental disorders
  • How to manage associated anxiety experienced whilst trying for a second or third baby
  • How not to feel lonely as a second, or third time Mum when you're surrounded by first-time parents




  • The everyday parenting challenges we face and why a lot of the perceived ‘bad’ behaviours enable children to function as adults in later life
  • Why you don’t need to reach crisis point with your toddler before seeking guidance
  • How to manage a baby and a toddler and get the best out of every precious moment and not feel guilty

  • Dealing with the terrible twos and threenagers: understanding why certain behaviours may be happening and the impact a new baby can then have

  • How not to assume a child per parent and prevent bonding/resentment issues

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For Mums and Dads
  • First aid: an overview of what to know at this age and stage
  • Sleep:
    • what to expect at this age and stage
    • the 8-12-month regression
    • the impact of solids on sleep
    • the impact of development milestones on sleep such as walking and talking
    • naps and the impact, or not, on night-time sleep
    • when to call in the sleep expert
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For Mums


  • exercise options for this postnatal stage that will work for parents and generate results
  • exploring and deciding on your exercise needs and setting healthy and realistic goals
  • advice on postnatal body issues that may still be prevalent at this stage, including: split tummy muscles, pelvic floor and loose joints
  • eating healthy and well and options to help you lose weight including juice cleanses


  • how to manage general parent anxiety and the dreaded mum guilt
  • how to build confidence in your ability as a Mum, Partner and Friend
  • what if you feel low, exhausted, depressed or lonely at this stage - what does this mean and not mean and where can you go to seek help
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For Mums

  • The steps to take when you decide to go back to work - for employed and self-employed parents
  • The practical elements of returning to work 
  • Emotional attachments to both family and work
  • Psychological changes that may impact how you view your career as a parent
  • Building confidence about returning to your job
  • Keep in touch (KIT) days and what to do when you attend one
  • Flex working: continue with your job/company but make it work for both parents
  • Juggling the work-life balance
  • Changing your career altogether
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For Mums and Dads



  • Signs you can start weaning and dispelling or confirming any weaning myths
  • Types of weaning 
  • The pattern of milk feeds and meals - from 6 months to 1 year
  • Sleep and weaning and the impact solids could have
  • Recommended books, websites and apps for weaning



  • Weaning concerns - gag reflex and foods that present choking hazards
  • Allergies - how to identify them and establish what is causing the issue
  • Fussy feeders –  especially around texture progression and fluid refusal   
  • Vitamins from food and milk vs. giving supplements -  an idea of what your baby needs and where he/she can get it from food-wise
  • Ways of saving time when weaning, that are still ok from a nutritional standpoint
  • Weaning premature babies and those diagnosed with reflux and allergies early on
  • Equipment and weaning when travelling
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For Mums and Dads
  • Why it's never too early to think about your childcare options, including: grandparents, nannies, au pairs, child-minders and nurseries. Covering everything you need to know about each option, including:
    • the basic facts
    • the timeline - when to make a decision
    • questions to ask
    • making it work financially
    • making it work for your family - juggling work, illness when in childcare and other children who maybe at school
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For Mums and Dads
  • First aid: an overview of what you need to know at this age and stage
  • Sleep:
    • what is expected at this age and stage
    • routines
    • naps and the impact, or not, on night-time sleep
    • the 4-month sleep regression
    • moving away from sleep associations or habits
    • the dream feed
    • the impact of development milestones on sleep such as rolling and crawling
    • getting ready to move baby into their nursery
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Chapter TwoHanna SorrellSOS
For Mums and Dads
  • Two themed social events organised by The Parenting Chapter and suitable for both parents (and babies if a daytime option is chosen). Detail will be provided when booking onto the course and parents will need to confirm their attendance in advance.

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For Mums and Dads
  • Highly interactive Q&A session with a midwife. A chance to address things such as (not limited to):

    • last minute anxieties about the pregnancy, how to deal with going over your due date and being aware of last minute tests such as: Group B strep, including how to get tested for it privately and the necessary steps thereafter during labour

    • for those with babies, looking back at your labour and asking the questions that you now have about what happened and why

    • Our midwives are skilled not only in guiding women through pregnancy and labour, but also sleep, feeding and minor medical conditions in babies, so questions can also relate to the baby

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For Mums and Dads
  • Understanding postnatal depression, birth trauma, new parent anxiety and bonding issues or resentment towards the baby. Also knowing what's to be expected in the early days and the signs that can be displayed by either parent when help is needed and where to go

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For Dads
  • Helping Mum, bonding with baby and feeling like a Dad
  • Juggling work and home expectations
  • Changing your work/life balance after baby is born (without upsetting the boss)

  • Shared parental leave - what are Dads entitled to 

  • Dads can suffer with postnatal depression too - what happens if you struggle with parenthood and why keeping quiet isn't the best approach

  • Reaching out to the Dad network beyond your circle of friends

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For Mums and Dads
  • The guilt-free guide to feeding your baby: breast, formula or combination 
  • Problem solving with breastfeeding and feeding in general including: latch issues, understanding reflux, colic and tongue-tie in babies and understanding issues relating to the mother such as: mastitis, blocked ducts, thrush and engorgement in the breasts
  • Sleep: what to expect at this age, how to remain sane and tactics
  • First aid: an overview of what to know at this age and stage
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For Mums

How to feel like 'you' again after having a baby, including:


  • What to wear after having a baby and how to gradually phase out maternity wear
  • Where to shop for stylish, savvy and reasonably priced clothing that will look good all day (even with sick on it!)
  • What to wear if breastfeeding
  • How not to wear black all of the time and how to accessorise your existing wardrobe
  • Gradual exercise that won't compromise your postnatal body
  • Being aware of common postnatal body issues that maybe impacted by exercise - such as split tummy muscles and pelvic floor
  • Healthy eating: what to eat to satisfy the postnatal munchies and food that will give you energy and is nutrititious
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