Parent Ambassadors

Our parent ambassadors are from all walks of life and wanted to feature in our courses  - whether it be in our films or our podcast series, as they all have one thing in common: They want to arm and empower other parents (especially the first-time ones) and make them realise they’re not alone when things get tough.

It’s not all negative though! Our parents talk about the good bits (which society can skim over) and talk openly and honestly about their experiences and the impact on them and their children both physically and mentally. Our parent ambassadors provide advice, solutions and tips and this is from from their own experiences.

We’ve also featured same sex and single parents in our pool of parent ambassadors. It doesn’t matter about your background or current situation, skin colour or sexual preference to us. If you’re a parent, we want you in our community.

We’ve added a preview of our 'Parenting Stories podcast series' and a taster film of our parent ambassadors talking about their experiences.


Are you Interested in becoming one of our parent Ambassadors? 

Get in touch and either join our Mama-in-Chief Lauren on a podcast chat, or feature in our films. With either option, you will then become part of our course offering and empower other parents with your story. Contact Lauren at