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“It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but it is more rewarding than anything money can buy.”

How many times have you heard this from friends with children and thought to yourself, “Yeah, yeah, it can’t be that bad. Can it?”Fast-forward to those first few newborn weeks and you finally get the full picture – it is a eye-twitchingly brilliant, yet tough gig. But why so?

Whether you are expecting your first child or popping out quadruplets, becoming a parent can be daunting with each stage bringing new challenges. At The Parenting Chapter we believe there are three things that can make this experience a lot tougher:

  • Not being given clear information on what could – and should – happen when you bring your new baby home from the place of birth.
  • Lack of consistent and non-judgmental advice on what to expect in your baby’s first year, including solutions to some of the major hurdles you will face.
  • The inability to speak with other parents who have recently gone through the same experiences as you.

The Parenting Chapter is the equivalent of a bosomy hug but fuelled with honest, real and accessible information on the parenting experience. Consider us friends with postnatal benefits. More than anything, we believe in working it out together.

The Parenting Chapter provides postnatal courses that aim to empower parents with practical information and solutions surrounding the main challenges that will occur during the first year of their child’s life. Everything has been tried-and-tested by real parents and is a mixture of both traditional and modern techniques.







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My story is centred on The Book of Life. An unpublished, colourful, sometimes messy book, with the first few chapters mapped out by my parents. As a child and teen, my Dad would often read stories to me that were taken from his version of the book – peppered with some sad, some happy excerpts; the reality of life itself.

During my own darker moments, he would reassure me that I was working my way through a particular chapter in my life that most people struggle with, and stressed how there was a lot more to read. Little did I know the hardest chapter was on the horizon.


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